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The Makemakes – “I Am Yours”

The competition for the heir to Conchita was just completed and representing the host country will be The Makemakes singing “I Am Yours”.  The song is good, the singer sings well, but somehow it sounds like a mash-up of 80’s rock ballads.  I kept waiting for the lyrics “home, sweet home…” to sneak in there.  I like, but I can’t shake the feeling of “I’ve heard this, but I just can’t place my finger on it…”

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12+1 = Top Songs for the week

It’s probably going to be heavily weighted to Melodifestivalen for the next week.

TW LW Title Artist
1 4 Amanecer Edurne
2 10 Make Me (La La La) Dinah Nah
3 NR Voices Mans Zelmerlow
4 NR Don’t Say No Midnight Boy
5 NR Don’t Stop Belivein’ Mariette
6 NR Mot Mig I Famila Stan Magnus Carlsson
7 1 Goodbye To Yesterady Elina Born & Stig Rasta
8 2 Grande Amore Il Volo
9 6 Living To Die Andreas Johnson
10 7 Ceo Svet Je Moj Bojana Stamenov
11 NR Black Smoke Ann Sophie
12 3 Phoenix Molly Sanden
13 NR Sting Eric Saade
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Watch “Uzari & Maimuna – Time (Belarus) 2015 Eurovision Song Contest” on YouTube

Uzari & Maimuna – Time (Belarus) 2015 Eurovision Song Contest:

This is the new version of  Uzari and Maimuna’s “Time”.  Belarus ‘ entry in  Eurovision 2015. I don’t know,  I still rather enjoy the song.  At one point it was in my  Top 10, but I will have to listen to the other songs again before I decide on my final rankings.