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12+1 = Baker’s Dozen Top Songs for the week – 3/5/15

TW LW Title Artist
1 1 Goodbye To Yesterday Elina Born & Stig Rasta
2 3 Grande Amore Il Volo
3 2 Phoenix Molly Sanden
4 NR Amanecer Edurne
5 10 Hello Hi Dolly Style
6 NR Living To Die Andreas Johnson
7 NR Ceo Svet Je Moj Bojana Stamenov
8 7 Right Here, Right Now Giorgio Moroder feat. Kylie Minogue
9 9 Heartbeat Song Kelly Clarkson
10 NR Make Me (La La La) Dinah Nah
11 4 Una Finestra Tra Le Stelle Annalisa
12 5 Straordinario Chiara
13 6 Crossroads Satin Circus
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It’s been a busy evening with the announcement of Guy Sebastian for Australia and the Greek final. I’m done poking around the world being nosey so it’s time for bed.  Goodnight world!

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UPDATE: Greece selection to Eurovision 2015 is…

Tonight Greece selected their representative for Vienna at Eurovision 2015 and the winner was Maria-Eleni Kyriakou and “One Last Breath” which was the only ballad in the Final Five.  I don’t know.  It’s pretty, but I thought other songs stood out more than this one.  It’s a power ballad and Maria belts it out at the end, but, I will have to see it staged and performed before I can pass final judgement.  No question that the girl can sing and has a powerful voice but so do some of the women from the other European countries.

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Guy Sebastian to represent Australia at Eurovision

I had a hunch it would come down to Guy Sebastian, Samantha Jade or Dami Im to represent Australia in Vienna and it turns out Guy Sebastian held the winning ticket.  According to this article, Guy will be singing a ballad.  We find out what it is on March 16th.

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2015 Greek Finalists for Eurovision

Here are the five finalist to represent Greece in Austria. Which one is your favorite and which song do you think will win?

After listening to all five songs, my personal rankings are, coincidentally, the way the songs are presented in the video.

1.  Shaya Hansen – Sunshine
2.  Barrice – Ela
3. Θωμαή Απέργη / Legend – Jazz και Συρτάκι
4. Μαρία-Έλενα Κυριάκου – One Last Breath
5. C:REAL – Crash And Burn