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Mac Salad.

We are having Hamburgers for supper. Hubs wanted Hawaiian Mac Salad as a side, so, I made some. We didn’t have potatoes, so it’s not my Grandma’s Potato Mac Salad. Instead, I made what I call restaurant style Mac salad.

And to my dismay, I did not have macaroni in the pantry! I had to improvise and use the salad pasta, or what I call mini tube pasta.

Add-ins were simple: Grated carrots, peas, and chopped onions.

Once the pasta has been cooked, drain it, add to a bowl along with 2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar and the add-ins.

The “Sauce” is simply 2 – 2-1/2 cups cups Mayo, 1/4 cup milk, and a little sugar.

Mix the sauce into the pasta, stir it up, add salt and pepper to taste, then chill in the fridge. The longer, the better.

And that’s it. No hard boiled egg on this version. So Ono and such a comfort dish, especially if you’re from Hawai’i!

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Pork Fried Rice prep work. Dishes, dishes, dishes!

We had leftover pork so I decided to make pork fried rice.

There is a lot of prep work before making the fried rice but it is kind of therapeutic chopping all the vegetables and garlic, and measuring out all the liquids.

Once you get going you really get going and when it’s all over, this is the aftermath. Look at all those dishes.

But the end result was totally worth it!

Tonight’s version was basically using leftover and extra items in the fridge; Pork, Onions, Carrots, Peas, Green Onion, Jalapeno Peppers, and Eggs.

The sauce was primarily soy sauce, and splashes of oyster sauce, sesame oil, and Xioaxing wine.

What do you put in your pork fried rice?

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Two Peas & Their Pod

Another foodie site that I enjoy reading is “Two Peas & Their Pod”.  I love the recipes, photos and tips that they post on their site.  Just reading their recipes and comments will make you a Hungry Hungry Hippo…not that you’re a hippo or anything like that, it just sounds good 🙂

Here is the link to their site, and a delicious, easy peasy recipe for Spinach Parmesan Pasta.