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New Purchase! Microsoft Universal Keyboard

There are times when I do not want to fire up the laptop and just want to use my tablet.  Well, you know how cumbersome writing text or lengthy posts using the phone/tablet keyboard can be.  Swype/Swift Key is good, but sometimes you just want a keyboard.  Well, I think I found a solution to my needs. After researching wireless keyboards on Amazon, I decided on the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard. 

The device was easy to set up.  You open it up, hold the button on the side for three seconds to get into pairing mode, then pair it with you device.  Once connected, Voila!  You are in business.  The keypad has a nice feel and provide enough resistance that they don’t feel squishy when pressed. The keyboard is compact, but since I have small hands, it’s not really an issue for me.  I am typing this post using the keyboard.  They keyboard measures approximately 9.5″ L x 4.25″ W x .25″ D. 

The keyboard is called a “Universal” keyboard because it is compatible with Microsoft, Android and Apple (iPod and iPhone) devices.  There is a three way switch on the Keyboard that allows you to choose your platform.

I purchased the keyboard from Amazon and it was $63.73 regular price, but I got it used for $54.95. I placed the order on 4/25/15 and received it today.

Overall, I really like the Keyboard.  I haven’t tried out any of the of the program keys, but honestly, I think I will  probably only use the keypad. 

I give it a high five. Panda paws up!