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Sevana – “Mango”

I always want to keep exploring music from the world. Like I said in my Haiku, open your mind welcomes new opportunities you’ve never seen. I’ve never seen the artist Sevana from Jamaica. Now, I have and I like what I see, especially the song “Mango”. I’m adding it to my “Just the World, Damnit” Spotify playlist!
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Yseult – Corps

Have you ever watched a video in a language that you do not speak nor understand, yet the visuals and emotions transcend the lack of understanding the language and you totally “get” it? That’s what I get from Yseult’s song “Corps”. Even without the visuals from the video, her voice and phrasing just hit me, and I got emotional. It’s such a beautiful song. I did a Google search for the English translation and it’s a powerful song.

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