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Jonny Cota Scarf

The second piece that I purchased from the Tim Gunn / Heidi Klum Amazon series “Making the Cut, is this Jonny Cota scarf.
This scarf is huge! It’s made out of 100% rayon. I love the dual butterfly/face motif. The scarf is very soft and it will be perfect for airplanes if and when I travel, and also for sitting around the house when I want a soft cover up. The butterfly motif/face is striking and really pops and stands out!

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Jonny Cota shirt

If you watched “Making The Cut” on Amazon, you know that Jonny Cota won the inaugural season. I ordered 3 pieces from the collection. The first piece ended up being a counterfeit, who h Amazon proactively credited. The other pieces are authentic Jonny Cota studio pieces. This is the shirt in black. The interesting part of the shirt is the long straps. I’ll have to wear it to see if the straps are bothersome, and I have to be carefully going on eacalators, elevators or through openings that close! I first purchased a size medium, but it was too snug so I exchanged it for a size Large. The shirt is 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. I’m looking forward to wearing the shirt this fall!

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BOTD 20200805

It’s a Stephen Sprouse kind of day with the reverse mono bandoulier strap!  Tagging along is Grace Coddington small kirigami, Takashi Murakami monogramouflage phone holder (carrying all my cards), Cles in monogram, Altoids, Hand Sanitizer in Gingham from Bath and Body Works, my Prada shades which I haven’t worn in years and found them recently, and the Lindsay Albaneae Top Tote hat clip which is carrying the Camerica Creations mask.

It’s a good day to have a great day…and carry items that make you happy.

Love Love, Peace Peace. ❤️❤️✌️✌️😘

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Making The Cut – Johnny Cota shirt

The Johnny Cota shirt that I ordered from Amazon arrived today! Johnny was the winner of the Tim Gunn / Heidi Klum fashion show on Amazon earlier this year.

Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong size, so I’m exchanging it for a larger size. The medium fit, but it was just a little snug around the tummy area and one wash and dry would make the shirt too small! The replacement should arrive on Friday. I also ordered the butterfly scarf so we’ll see how that looks.

I tried on the shirt just for fitting purposes and what I know will be interesting is to see if I will get annoyed by the sleeve straps, which is the one feature that attracted me to the shirt!

The shirt is a bamboo and cotton blend so that should be a nice all weather shirt. I’ll know more about it once my replacement shirt arrives this weekend.