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Watch “Genealogy – Don’t Deny (Armenia) 2015 Eurovision Song Contest” on YouTube

Genealogy – Don’t Deny (Armenia) 2015 Eurovision Song Contest:

Armenia has released their song for Eurovision and it’s the multicultural assembled group Geneology singing “Don’t Deny”. It’s a  ballad.  Somehow,  for me,  the song doesn’t bind together and it sounds like each member was totally separate when they recorded their verse. I hope they can build chemistry on stage otherwise it might fall flat.

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Russia: Polina Gagarina to sing ‘A Million Voices’ in Vienna! | Eurovision 2015 Predictions, Polls, Odds, Rankings | wiwibloggs

Polina is going to sing the ballad “A Million Voices” in Vienna.  Polina is my favorite Russian singer and I’ve liked her for years.  It will be interesting to see how she is received in Vienna.  I can’t wait you hear the entire song.

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UPDATE: Greece selection to Eurovision 2015 is…

Tonight Greece selected their representative for Vienna at Eurovision 2015 and the winner was Maria-Eleni Kyriakou and “One Last Breath” which was the only ballad in the Final Five.  I don’t know.  It’s pretty, but I thought other songs stood out more than this one.  It’s a power ballad and Maria belts it out at the end, but, I will have to see it staged and performed before I can pass final judgement.  No question that the girl can sing and has a powerful voice but so do some of the women from the other European countries.