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Spicy Honey Baked Chicken Sandwich

We had leftover chicken breasts in the refrigerated and I was spent the morning deciding on how I wanted to cook them up. I finally landed on a sandwich inspired by most favorite chicken sandwich ever! The DeFrisco chicken sandwich in Eugene, OR. When I was in college, I would frequent the DeFrisco cart, which was parked outside of the University of Oregon bookstore, frequently. Just thiking about it, almost 35 years later, still makes my mouth water! It was asian/Thai in flavor, but it was more of a fusion of different Southeast Asian culture. Delicious.

For my DeFrisco inspired sandwich, I wanted a sweet and spicy marinade. After reading through some recipes, I decide to use the “Honey Sriracha Baked Chicken” recipe from I followed the recipe pretty much as written, expected I used 1/2 Sriracha and 1/2 Sambal for the spicy component.

The DeFrisco cart topped their sandwich with a Thai(?) slaw, so I remembered that one of my favorite chefs had a Peanut Satay Slaw recipe, so I decided to use her recipe (minus the cruncy peanuts) for the slaw.

To assemble the sandwich, I toasted an Onion Bun and spread Hoisin sauce ont buns. I then put the chicken breast on the bun, drizzeled some of sauce from the baking dish on the chicken, then topped it with a generous amount of cole slaw. Then I topped it off with the other bun. While not the same flavor profile as the DeFrisco sandwich, it was very delicious! The Sambal/Sriracha mixture gave the sandwich a nice kick in the pants!

I’m glad the sandwich turned out well and with the leftover chicken, I can use the chicken to make additional dishes.

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Vegan Coconut Mochi Bites

I had leftover coconut milk and wanted to make a snack, so I did what everyone does…Google it!

I found a recipe from Drive Me Hungry that was perfect.

The Coconut Mochi Bites are very cute and, if made in a mini muffin pan, truly are bite size! `

If you want to make them non- vegan, you can spread chocolate on them for an extra step of decadence. I had some peanut butter cups that I melted down and spread on top a few of the bites. Ooooh, dark chocolate would be an excellent spread, and a I would think a Hazelnut spread would also be delicious!

Bake time is around 45 minutes so give it some time.