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I am currently reading this book by Alicia Mori called “Ikigai: The Japanese Philosophy to Improve Healt, Work and Relationship”.  It was the book that was part of the Kindle Unlimited.  I actually wanted to read the Hector Garcia book “Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life” but it wasn’t part of Kindle Unlmited.

I just started it tonight so I’m only a couple pages in.  It received a good rating on Amazon and I like these thought provoking, self improvement type of books.

Ikigai essentially means “What is your reason for being?”. 

What is your Ikigai?  Have you found yours yet?

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Takashi Murakami “Ego”

My buddy Chris posted some photos of a book he purchased about Takashi Murakami. I adore Murakami’s work so I asked him the name of the book. He said the book was called “Ego “. I immediately went on to Amazon and purchased the book, and lo and behold, it arrived today! Talk about quick shipping.

The book is 287 pages and full of photos of Murakami’s art. I can’t wait to read it!