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Cat on a Roof

When Mister Mister was on the neighbor’s roof look at me looking at him through our kitchen window. “Mister! Get Down! GET DOWN FROM THERE!”. Picture altered via the Prism app.

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Butter Castella Cake

This treat was another item in the bokksu August subscription box. This item is a Castella Cake in butter flavor. I’m not exactly sure what a Castella cake is, but this one was similar to a pound cake. The flavor said “butter” and it did taste like a light, buttery pound cake.

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Korean Lunch

Lunch today was items we purchased from the Korean Supermarket. I didn’t make these since we’re in the Las Vegas house and don’t have enough time to eat leftovers.

I love the sprouted mung beans. They are so nutty in flavor compared to the bean sprouts we have available in Mount Vernon.

Gim Bap is a go-to meal for me. I just love the seaweed, vegetables and sesame oil combination.

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Bling Ring

Because there are days when you just want to wear a Bingy Panda ring. Life’s short, have fun. Bling out with your Panda out!

have a great Saturday, friends. Oh, and Happy August! Can you believe we’re already in August? Whaaat? πŸ˜€πŸΌπŸ€˜

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Puku Puku Tai – Watermelon Snack

I’m trying one of the Japanese snacks that was in the August Bokksu subscription box. This is the Meito Puku Puku Tai Watermelon wafer snack. The snack is in the shape of Taiyaki which is a cake like item in the shape of a fish!

The wafer is light, bit sturdy to hold. The Watermelon cream is subtle and quite enjoyable.

Bokksu has different subscription levels and is a great gift idea, especially for those who enjoy snacks. I got my mom a 3 month subscription for Mother’s Day and she loved it!