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Check out Thighs And Whispers by Bette Midler

#FlashbackFriday album! “Thighs and Whispers”  which contains one of my favorite disco songs,  “My Knight In Black Leather”


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One thought on “Check out Thighs And Whispers by Bette Midler

  1. Thighs and Whispers is such an underrated album. Bette is a better live performer than singer but her voice shines in this album. It’s one of my favorites.
    Her cover of Johnny Bristol’s “Hang On In There Baby”, with piano, strings, & sax, is very 70s New York disco.
    Rain is a powerful ballad.
    I think The real gems of the album are “Cradle Days” (written by Tony Berg & Aaron Neville) and her beautiful, sad cover of James Taylor’s “Millworker”

    I always thought “Hurricane”, which Bette wrote with Randy Kerber, should have been a hit. I used to play it when I was a fill-in DJ back in the 90s.

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